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734.663.4247  .  .  cutting hair in ann arbor's old west side

                                     vaccine/mask & other info   

If you have not seen me before: I work alone in my little home shop — my converted garden shed. I require clients to be vaccinated. I am vaccinated and boosted. Masks are not required but I will wear one if you would like, and you are welcome to wear yours. I do my best to schedule appointments so there is no client overlap. If you arrive early and I'm with a client, please wait in your car or in my backyard. Park in my driveway, behind my green Kia Soul, or on the street. My shop is just behind my driveway through the gate. No need to knock, just come on through the gate. There is one short step up into my shop. My dog Charlie will greet you, barking to say hello.

what's a wash & wear haircut?

It's my common-sense method of haircutting: I cut your hair to do what it does inherently. Curly hair? Bring it on! Straight, fine hair? Not a problem. I cut all lengths of hair and all hair types, both men and women's hair . . . and even kids. Because I cut hair dry (I lightly mist with a spray bottle) I am good at cutting curly hair so it doesn't shrink up.

I do not wash or blow dry hair, use a curling iron, or do any chemical services such as perms or color treatments. You arrive with clean, 
dry hair: no product, ponytail, or hair clips. Pack away your hair dryer! I will cut your hair to do what it inherently does. You are welcome to bring in pictures, or trust me to create the best cut for your hair, face, and lifestyle. My business is by appointment only; I am not able to take walk-ins. I apologize that I am unable to accommodate clients in wheelchairs, as my shop has a step up into it and is too small to accommodate both my haircutting chair and a wheelchair.

the vicki's wash & wear haircuts story

I grew up cutting my three brothers' hair as well as friends in high school and college, and beyond. My U/M degree is in Film Studies. I ran college cinema guilds while a student and, after graduating, a few small movie theaters, including a small theater in Harbor Springs. I knew no one when I arrived there but wound up cutting lots of people's hair when I wasn't at work at the theater. When I moved back home to Ann Arbor nine months later, I studied for my haircut license and began cutting hair professionally in the early 1980s. The first five years were inside Saguaro Plants, a wonderful downtown plant store that had two haircut booths hidden amongst the plants, an 8′ finch aviary, rabbit cages, and lots of cats. It was a magical place.

When Saguaro closed its doors in 1985, I opened Vicki’s Wash & Wear Haircuts in a little space on E. Ann St. My haircut shop also shared space with the Ann Arbor Film Festival, where I was the Festival Director for 15 years. After wrapping up the 2002 40th Ann Arbor Film Festival season, I handed over the reins so a new generation could steer the ship. I continued cutting hair — but found a new door to open into my career life.

the heavenly metal story


My home and hair cutting shop have always been decorated with wonderful hand-crafted items acquired from art fairs, artist friends, and galleries. People would ask where I found such great stuff, inspiring an urge I’d always had to create a store with unique hand-crafted items and artworks. With time and space on my hands after departing from the film festival, I began filling the empty space and walls where the festival office had been with hand-crafted items to sell. That's when Heavenly Metal was born.


My very first wholesale order was with Kathryn Arnett, a New Orleans artist who had gained fame as a mixed media artist using recycled metal to create her line of sought-after work. This order, along with some locally-made hand-crafted jewelry, inspired the name Heavenly Metal.  As my sources expanded, I offered a wider range of goods made from other materials and fabrics, including jewelry, apparel, footwear, purses, accessories, and ceramics, and recycled wood art.


A curator at heart, Heavenly Metal became known for the work I found. A designer as well, the store became my outlet to design and create clever merchandising. The store was appreciated for how it looked and felt, as much as for the handmade gifts not found elsewhere in Ann Arbor. 

The two businesses — haircutting shop and store — blended in very well. Clients loved being able to walk out with a fresh haircut, a new pair of earrings, an entire outfit, or a perfect gift. Shoppers loved watching me cut hair. It was a win-win!


In 2016 I moved around the corner into a storefront on 4th Ave. It became a larger version of the small E. Ann St. spot, with more inventory and hand-crafted artists' works. However, a few years later major changes in the retail industry dramatically shifted from brick and mortar to online shopping. After 18 years in the retail business, I felt it was time to close my store and move on to my next chapter. 


Though closing Heavenly Metal the end of June 2019 was bittersweet, it gave me an opportunity to put my creative thinking cap on yet again, designing and building out a sweet spot to cut hair in what used to be my tool-filled garden shed.  Voila! I created a perfect way to continue cutting hair in a charming environment where I am able to work in and enjoy my garden — and be home! 

my haircut cottage

Nestled against the little goldfish pond in my garden, my "haircut cottage" is the prettiest cozy haircutting shop. 


With lots of natural light and located on my quiet Old West Side street, my hair clients welcome my home workspace. In the nice weather months, you get to hang out in my garden, my "summer room." If it's that perfect spring/summer/fall day, not too hot or humid, I open the doors and the window against my pond's waterfall, and we're as good as outdoors. Very peaceful.


My home and business are one block west of the Y, between Liberty and Washington Streets. There's plenty of street parking, or you can park in my driveway behind my car, a green Kia.

I am an avid reader of literary fiction, poetry, and non-fiction. I love to discuss books with my clients and am fortunate to work part-time in downtown Ann Arbor's fabulous local independent bookstore, Literati Bookstore. Along with cutting hair, I am the kids sideline buyer and display merchandiser at the store. I also curate and create the reading lists for the store's book recommendations blog, found here on the  bookstore's website. I also have my own reading lists posted on this website: click here for my reading suggestions.

Heading 4


what's the story behind the music i play?

Music is one of the things that rocks my world. Guaranteed, you’ll hear great music getting your hair cut. I often log onto KVMR out of Nevada City, California, WWOZ from New Orleans, WNMC from Northwestern Michigan College in Traverse City, or Radio Fip from Paris, tuning in to some of my favorite radio DJ's. I also open spotify for us to listen to the playlists I’ve made. You can follow me on spotify: vhoneyman.

I love radio! In my spare time I’m a volunteer DJ at our local student radio station, WCBN. You can hear my freeform music show Sashay’s Shimmy Shimmy Ko-Ko Bop Thursday nights from 8-9pm and my folk show Just Folkin' Around Saturday mornings from 9 - 10am, at 88.3FM on your radio dial. Check out the station wherever you live: you can listen live at WCBN.ORG or add the app to your device. I live-stream from my home studio, the Home of Happy Feet Studios.

sadly, shop doggies lucy & willi are gone

 My sweet girl Lucy, a papillon, was 18. My baby boy Willi, a toy poodle, was 15. He died of a broken heart when his sister was gone. They were together until spring 2019. I miss them so much, as ornery as they became as they aged.

happily, meet charlie, my new doggie love

Charlie is a papillon/sheltie mix and is my new gem of a dog, adopted at age five on Valentine's Day 2021. He's full of love and energy and he can't wait to meet you! He'd love to sit on your lap, if allowed, where he'll fall asleep and very likely snore. He'll bark when you arrive because he's protecting his mommy, but, really he's happy to see you.


vicki's wash & wear haircuts  . 734-663-4247  .

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