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my reading lists

I've loved reading since I was a child. When my brothers and I were kids, our dad would hide books in his closet to give to us at his whim. Those books were a brilliant gift that built a lifetime habit for all of us: reading! I am lost without a book, or three, to read. I love talking about books. I love helping other readers find their next read. Which makes sense because, along with haircutting, I am work part time at Literati Bookstore in downtown Ann Arbor, where I am surrounded by books and people who love reading and talking about books. Until January 2024, I curated the reading lists on the Literati Bookstore website blog. You can find those posts right here. They are not always books I've read, but the lists are always interesting themes and timely topics that feed my curiosity about books of all subjects.
Through my job at Literati Bookstore I am extremely fortunate to have access to more books to add to my library than one could imagine, including advance reader copies of books (ARCs.) Below are my curated reading lists, which I began in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, 
of current releases, soon to be released titles, as well as books I've read over the years, that I recommend. Enjoy . . . let's talk about the books! Scroll down to see my reading list posts — click on the heading with posting date.

books are an open door to new places, ideas, & people
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