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— THE BIRDS & THE BEES — posted 5/2020

Springtime is when our fair little feathered and winged friends return to share the season with us. Learn more about them here.

Birds of Michigan Field Guide - Stan Tekiela

I do alot of backyard and neighborhood bird watching. I own more bird books than one person needs, but my very most favorite is nature photographer Stan Tekiela's perfect pocket-size Field Guide to the Birds of Michigan. His clear and concise color photos are spot-on, making it easy to quickly identify birds. The book is sensibly organized by color of birds. A color-coded range map of Michigan identifies the seasons birds can be seen around the State. Stan's Notes, featured on every page, add even more helpful information.

H Is For Hawk - Helen Macdonald

Following the sudden death of her father, nature author and poet Helen Macdonald adopted Mabel, a Goshawk, as a means to cope with her grief. The book is a painful eulogy, a heartbreaking memoir, a training manual, and a journey into the heaing process. Macdonald changed her life as she projected herself "in the hawk's wild mind to tame her." Recipient of the 2014 Costa Book Award for Biography and the Samuel Johnson Prize for Nonfiction.

The Meaning of Birds - Simon Barnes

Have you ever pondered over how birds survive, what their songs mean, where they go on their travels, and basically, why they exist? This enchanting look at the connection between birds and mankind teaches us about birds' flights, colors, songs, feathers, and their place in the natural world. Black and white vintage illustrations complement each bird story. An absolute must book for bird lovers and watchers.


American Birds: A Literary Companion - edited by Andrew Rubenfeld

A delightful anthology of passionate writings about birds, collected by literature professor and avid birder Andrew Rubenfeld from a wide assortment of America's greatest poets and writers. Discover their dedication to Native American birds and their songs in the poems, essays, memoirs, short stories, and travel writing of reknowned writers such as Rachel Carson, Roger Tory Peterson, Robert Frost, Elizabeth Bishop, Mary Oliver, Louise Erdrich, Emerson, and Thoreau, and more.


What It's Like to Be a Bird - David Allen Sibley

Well that certainly is a very good question! From flying to nesting, eating to singing, discover what birds are doing and why in this accessible book by the author of "Sibley's Guide to Birds." One can't have too many books that delve into the mystery of our feathered friends. Share this one with your family and than start paying attention to the birds out your window!


Little Book of Bees - Hilary Kearney

Do you love bees? You’ll find this book is not only informative, it is also a charming look at all things bees — from evolution, to beekeeping, to saving bees, to why the 20,000 bee species that live on every continent are so important in our ecosystem. The beautiful artwork goes hand in hand with this lovely little book. A full-time beekeeper in her home town of San Diego, California, writer Hilary Hearney’s urban beekeeping business, Girl Next Door Honey, provides educational opportunities for hundreds of new beekeepers each year. A must-read for gardeners. 


The Lives of Bees - Thomas Seeley

Want to know more about bees? Thomas Seeley, a world authority on honey bees, is skilled at explaining the behavior of bees. He sheds light on why wild honey bees are able to thrive in the natural world, while beekeeping colonies are in crisis. In this light, he teaches "how we can become better custodians of honey bees and make use of their resources in ways that enrich their lives as well as our own." A must-read for beekeepers.


Storey's Guide To Keeping Honey Bees- Malcolm Sanford, Richard Bonney

Want to become a beekeeper? Here is the perfect introduction to get started and become a good host to a bee colony. Written by veteran beekeepers, this accessible and comprehensive resource guide comes complete with color photos and graphics. Learn how to plan a hive, acquire bees, install a colony, keep bees healthy, maintain a healthy hive, understand and prevent new diseases, and harvest honey crops. Includes resource and supplier information. A must-read for an aspiring beekeeper.


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